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Railroad! Serialized Steampunk Adventure.

TOR.COM Steampunk 101

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That was the question for the evening at our pre-opening reception. Did I do a good job explaining? Probably not, but I handed out some literature in the form of the newspaper from the Steampunk World’s Fair held on May 20-22, 2011 and did my best elevator pitch.  The more I learn, the harder it is to explain.  From now on, I’ll have to say that it is an experience and leave it at that. No. My pitch has to improve.

It had been a frustrating week trying to get everything together. But, in the end, it was great to have a chance to meet and talk to people in advance of the “official” opening. Both featured artists were there – Angelica Temoche and Jason Edwards which was wonderful.

Our opening is October 1, during the weekend of Brunswick, Maryland’s 28th Annual Railroad Days!  There will be an excursion train running between Brunswick and Harper’s Ferry on both days.  I understand that tickets will be available in Harper’s Ferry at the Tenfold Fair Trade shop as well as in Brunswick.

I visited the Brunswick Railroad Museum a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised with it. The best part was the model railroad. A Harper’s Ferry addition is in progress.

It’s a good time. I recommend the event highly.  After you visit Harper’s Ferry, of course.

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I’m a big technology supporter – but when it fails … Can’t tell you the frustration when not only wireless, but landline services are unavailable. Especially two days before a reception and a week before opening. I’m thinking I’ll laugh about it one day. But today, not so much.  

Lots going on in the Eastern Panhandle this weekend – but the big event is the Mountain Heritage Festival. Decidedly low tech, which is what I’m aiming for right now. Kettlecorn, bluegrass, buckwheat and wrought iron. Yep.

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Second post, and I’m already talking about somewhere other than Harper’s Ferry! But with good reason. This weekend,  Charles Town  will be celebrating its 255th Anniversary. I’ve gone for the past 4 years and always have a good time. But what makes this year really special, in my opinion, is the Parade of Horses starting at 2 on Sunday. I’ve attended this parade around Christmastime, and I’m glad they are having the event in the fall this year.

Have a great weekend!

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I am not the first to say that a place found me, rather than the other way around.  The first time I visited Harper’s Ferry was in the middle of winter.  February, I think.  There was snow on the ground and I walked the winding path to Jefferson Rock and saw the famous view. Little did I know that this short day trip from Washington, DC would turn into an annual

View from Jefferson Rock

View from Jefferson Rock from Picturesque America 1893

trek, which would turn into a business called Steam at Harper’s Ferry.

What I hope to do with this blog is post a little history, fiction, rumors and tales about Harper’s Ferry and the region.  I want to write about tangible things which get lost in the virtual world.  More than a Civil War experience, this little town has a history of industry, creativity, education and innovation.  Like most small towns.

I hope this blog will inspire you to visit Harper’s Ferry, or maybe even invent something, write a story or two, or investigate the history of your own small towns.

Something wonderful is out there waiting to find you.

Thank you for reading!

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