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This is going to be a pretty exciting weekend coming up.  Starting on October 14, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is sponsoring the 2011 National Trademark Expo. Steampunk inventors, makers and all other creatives should know something about trademarks – and here’s your chance!

Steampunk and steampunk-related conventions going on this weekend: Steamcon III in Seattle (actually Bellevue) starting on October 14 and the New York ComicCon starting on October 13.

Closer to home, on October 14, the Washington Street Artists’ Cooperative is having a reception as part of the Charles Town Races Breeders Cup Weekend.  The featured artist is Loretta Dovell Bailey, the official painter of the West Virginia Breeders Classics.

The West Virginia Breeders Classics races are held every year at at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races 5 miles from Harper’s Ferry. It will be held this year on October 15.  Good times!

Next, the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park is having activities all weekend as part of the 150 Commemorative of the Civil War.  This weekend the topic is In the Shadows of John Brown: The 1861 Battle of Bolivar Heights.  This is a two-day event starting at 10 am both days.

So what is going on at Steam at Harper’s Ferry? In addition to the continuing exhibition of the works of Angelica Temoche and Jason Edwards, we have Taryn Staples’ steampunk-themed switchplate collection. We also just received Wilbur brand  “train pops” specially be-ribboned with Steam at Harper’s Ferry colors of burgundy and blue!

Steam has original New York Herald newspapers for the dates November 2, 1859, November 4, 1859 and October 24, 1861. In the October 24 edition, on page 7, it says:

“It has been reserved for the rump of the abolitionists – a faction utterly dead to all principle and sense of patriotism – to import from the low political factions of Europe a weapon of offence entirely repugnant to American practices and notions. … It is, however, it must be admitted, a legitimate auxiliary of the ferocious and unscrupulous attacks upon the government by which such journals as the Tribune and the Times endeavor to drive the President into making this war a war of abolition, and thus forever destroy all hopes of a reconstruction of the Union.”

Wow.  Also in the October 24 edition, is coverage of activities on Bolivar Heights.

When you come to Steam, please ask about the painting of Royal Emerson Whitman’s residence, known locally as the “Scottish Castle”.  Colonel Whitman built his home on Bolivar Heights and Whitman Avenue is named after him.

Thank you for reading!

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