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Look carefully. 

Mr. King is sitting patiently with no apparent discomfort while Dr. Momoday applies the PATENT STEAM-POWERED RED NOSE ELIMINATOR. As you can see, steam is filtered through a pipe at the base of the device at point A. The steam operates the internal combines at point B, which then causes a precise impulse at point C where the device is applied directly to the inflicted area. This invention was especially  designed for the ailment with which Mr. King is afflicted. Note the GLASSY EYES, RUNNY NOSE, slightly parted and PARCHED LIPS. No doubt, the airship in which he traveled from Absinthia by way of France and Italy was amply supplied with the numerous tinctures and tonics known the world over for their eurphoric qualities. Indeed, there are few airships in current operation without such inducements.  Fortunately for his Unites States employer, Mr. King will return to his duty in days. This is a truly remarkable invention of which any airship captain or crew may take advantage. Contact Dr. Momoday immediately for an appointment.

Fictional advertisement – real affliction

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