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This beautifully illustrated edition still has an intact cover in tan, blue and white. Egyptian hieroglyphs grace the page behind Mary holding the Christ child. A burning candle is placed in front of a lamb. The illustration is by William Martin Johnson who is most famous for his illustrations in the book Ben-Hur published in 1880.

On a lighter note, on page 1043, there is a paid supplement for “Vin Mariani a la coca du Perou”. A special offer for customers is an illustrated book, containing “Portraits and Autographs of Celebrities” and “will be sent FREE to all who apply.” The drink’s virtues are limitless! Clergymen recommend it, along with all “eminent physicians,” equestrians and bicyclists to not feel fatigue when fortified with it, and “[t]o clear the throat, to maintain the voice and to counteract nervous strain, orators, teachers and public speakers” indulge in its properties.

What is the the wine’s secret?

The primary ingredient for Angelo, also known as Ange-Francois, Mariani’s cure-all was Bordeaux wine infused with three (3!) coca leaf varietals. He started producing the wine in 1863 and exported it to the United States, where, over the next several years, he was met with fierce competition. For example, in 1884, John Pemberton started distributing “French Coca Wine” from Atlanta, Georgia which was fiercely lobbied against, resulting in the invention of Coca-Cola according to the Exposition Universelle des Vins & Spirituex website.

Mr. Mariani’s U.S. sales stopped in 1914 when an act, called the Harrison Act, controlled the sale of products containing coca leaves. This was the same year in which he died.

This edition has great advertisements relating to awards granted at the 1893 Columbian Exhibition and French fashion.

Happy Saturday!

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