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I have to let you know in advance that this review is biased. I am already a fan and Steam at Harper’s Ferry has asked Jonah to come to the gallery next week. That being said, I can now get to it.

This latest release by Jonah Knight “Age of Steam: Strange Machines” stays true to his folk style. A few tracks remind me of Joseph Arthur, who is another favorite of mine. This time around, Jonah has ghosts and zombies on his mind, along with an inventor who is the CD’s main character. The introduction to the CD explains:

“These songs are set between 1880 and 1920. They tell the story of an increasingly passionate inventor who, living in a world of ghosts and monsters, must rely on strange machines to live and to escape.”

The music itself is anything but hopeless. My personal favorites are Track 1, Once Around the Sun; Track 4, Old Folk Roam; and Track 8, Welcome to the Age of Steam. CDs are available at the Gallery. Jonah will be at Steam at Harper’s Ferry on February 25 from 3-4.

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