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Next up, Ben Isaiah who will be showing his work next to Tenfold Fair Trade.

Business Name/address/contact information/description

Ben Isaiah will be appearing at Tenfold Fair Trade
181A Potomac Street,
Harpers Ferry WV 25425

Artist Name and Medium

Ben Isaiah, metal smith

Artist Statement

“I make. I do it because it is a love affair that I know never has to end. Working with my hands is therapeutic and imparts my offering to the world. Creating is like a meditation clearing my mind. I produce without concern for time, free from worry, content. Ultimately, I arrive at an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. Expression is key for me artistically, the universal language. Art balances me and I was made to make it.

My process is not always deliberate. I embrace serendipity, and avoid forced expression. Inspiration comes from life, the natural world, and my existence, spiritual and physical, real and surreal.  I fell in love with Metal’s solidity, diverse auras, and permanent qualities. Metal can be a seductive focal point or the perfect framework for integration of leather, stones, and found or recycled objects. All this in attempts to create a form no one has ever glimpsed before.”

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