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For some reason, as I reviewed the art work submitted for Steam At Harper’s Ferry’s next exhibit, “Gadgets, Guns and Gears,” the philosopher, Martin Heidegger came to mind. I cannot say that I am a Heidegger scholar or even a fan, but his writings about “things” and the “essence of things” made an impression on me.

The theme of this exhibit is most certainly about things.

In some respects, the selected work reflects an evolution of useful things from “need” to “pleasure” in Heidegger fashion, as well as from “original steam” tools to entirely aesthetic contraptions which are representations of useful, and sometimes dangerous, things.

Four artists’ works, along with those of Steam At Harper’s Ferry’s Resident Artist, have been selected for Steam’s next exhibit starting on June 23 and ending on August 26, 2012.

The technological and visual manifestations of the artists’ perceptions appear in evolutionary order below.

“The Original Steam” hand operated tools and gadgets – visual art by Sue Parker

Gears, real gears! – photographs by Scott Little

Decorative uses of eye protection and vision enhancement – drawing by Leigh Anne Cassell

Aesthetic fanciful manifestations of weaponry and gadgetry – works by Christopher Loggie

Coalescent visualizations of all the above – illustrations by Steam’s Resident Artist, Jason Edwards

Please come and see our own “public happening of truth.”

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