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I love warm rainy days in Harper’s Ferry. Maybe because folks are hesitant to go back into the elements, they are willing to chat more about why they are visiting Harper’s Ferry on a particular day.

Today was such a day. I spoke to no fewer than three couples and a few individuals who were here commemorating an honeymoon, engagement or birthday here in Harper’s Ferry.

And we talked about Hill Top House.

On another hilltop, near Lake Placid, New York, lies John Brown’s grave.

On this day, July 21, 1896, three things happened at this site:

1.  Raising of the United States flag presented by State Excise Commissioner Lyman;

2.  The unveiling of a monument erected by the John Brown Association; and

3.  The formal acceptance by the State of the John Brown farm of 245 acres, recently deeded to New York by the association.

New York Herald Tribune 1896 JUL 22

Do you have any memories to share?

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