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I had a great time talking with people who road the MARC train between Brunswick and Harper’s Ferry. I finally found the book I was looking for all weekend to confirm some alleged Brunswick “facts” I imparted on the public. Here are a few of them:

Did you know that –

Brunswick was named Berlin at the time the B&O built a depot there?

Between Point of Rocks and Harper’s Ferry there were only two small towns: Berlin and Knoxville?

In 1832, Harper’s Ferry was a city of about 3,000 inhabitants?

In 1834, B&O began railroad service to Harper’s Ferry?

By 1859, there were two passenger trains a day between Baltimore and Wheeling named the Wheeling Express, running at a speed of between 30 and 35 mph?

All this and more can be found in the book “The Railroad Came – and a Special Community Grew in Brunswick, Md.” by Peter Maynard published in 2008.  It is an interesting little book which reads more like a journal and provides some delightful insight to the special relationship between the Harper’s Ferry and Brunswick.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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