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Steampunk Leisure Exhibit – through November 18!

Final days of the Steampunk Leisure Exhibit featuring Teresa Dunham Cavagnaro a photographer from Hedgesville, WV and Nancy Kautz, a water color painter from Harpers Ferry, WV. The Velocipedes in 3D rendered by Resident Artist, Jason Edwards, continues to entertain. We also have letterpress prints on The Century Magazine pages as well as pumpkin woodblock prints.

Artists Josh Aterovis and Mark Schumaker

Steam at Harper’s Ferry continues to show the work of two exciting artists in the Gallery, Josh Aterovis and Mark Schumaker.

Olde Tyme Christmas

Yes, it is that time again! Jonah Knight will be performing at Steam at Harper’s Ferry on  November 30 the first day of Olde Tyme Christmas festivities.

Check out Jonah’s podcast Pros and Cons and learn, like I did, about filk music. Who knew?

Steam at Harper’s Ferry is Seeking Artists

As you may know, Steam at Harper’s Ferry advertises a call to artists for specific themed exhibits on a quarterly basis. Artists who are interested in displaying their work on commission between exhibits should contact Steam at Harper’s Ferry directly. Steam is particularly interested in art that “works” in the gallery space. Artists are encouraged to come to Steam before contacting us. Information about submitting work is available on the website.

Shameless Steam – March

The next Shameless Steam arts-related business series will be held in March. If you are interested in promoting your arts-related business or your own work, please see the website under the post “Call for Presentations!” or follow the links under the “Events” tab.

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Only a few more days before the election! Thought I’d repost this entry.

Steam at Harper's Ferry

When I was younger, I thought I would be a diplomat. When I graduated, I took the Foreign Service exam and later worked for former diplomats who were then consultants. Since I didn’t really know what skills I needed to become a diplomat, and realized quickly that my meagre bachelor’s degree in international affairs was not enough for such a position, I figured I needed to find out what exactly diplomats did and how they were able to achieve their goals. So I paid attention to how they spent their time, what they did with their money, and how they fit in the world.

These diplomats ranged along the political scale from liberal to conservative, yet, they were able to work together and achieve personal and professional success after their service with the government. I learned much from them.

Fast forward to today. At Steam at Harper’s Ferry I have a copy of an…

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