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Winter Themes and Best of Steam – through January 27, 2013!

As Steam posted earlier, our artist line-up is set for the season! Pith Helmet Provisions is now in the house, along with Christopher Loggie, Kasey Hendricks, Josh Aterovis, Mark Schumaker and Jason Edwards. We have re-installed our most popular 3D images with a new one featuring a view of Harper’s Ferry from Jefferson’s Rock.

Winter Themes 2012

Steam at Harper’s Ferry is now in full production of its own signature stylings of prints, solid brass keychains, and hand-colored Harper’s Ferry postcards.

Olde Tyme Christmas

Celebrating its 42nd year, Olde Tyme Christmas in Harper’s Ferry will be held the first two weekends of December.

Steam at Harper’s Ferry scheduled two events for Olde Tyme Christmas. The first was Jonah Knight’s live acoustic guitar performance on November 30,  and the second will be a Steampunk Stroll, on December 9.

Jonah Knight performed at Steam at Harper’s Ferry again on opening day, Friday, November 30. He had some competition from all the festivities in the Park, but his audience was compensated with the adventures of the Yuletide Lads. Creepy stuff, indeed. Jonah was kind enough to leave a few copies of his CD “Another Creepy Christmas” to sell at the Gallery. It will be on our playlist for the foreseeable future…

The Steampunk Family and Steam at Harper’s Ferry organized a “Steampunk Stroll” scheduled for December 9 at 2 pm. Why a Steampunk Stroll? The Steampunk Family offers the following explanation:

What purpose a Promenade? Well, the usual purpose of meeting fascinating steampunks and looking fabulous, of course, but in addition, we have the opportunity to bestow a few of our holiday shopping dollars on small, local businesses.

Please refer to their website for more information about the Steampunk Stroll.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Steam at Harper’s Ferry
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Mailing address: P.O. Box 1292
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