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The Big Top Steam exhibit opens this Saturday, February 23. Big Top Steam’s featured artists are Leigh Anne Cassell and Lindsey Donaldson. There will be special installations by two additional artists, Eric Holstine and Phil Berneburg.

This show will be a first for Steam at Harper’s Ferry – all of the artists live or work in West Virginia! Two artists (Leigh Anne and Lindsey) are from Charles Town, one artist is from Charleston (Eric Holstine) and another has a studio in Bolivar (Phil Berneburg).

Come One! Come All! Step Right Up!

The Show is About to Begin!

Girl on Horseback1909 Harpers Weekly

Girl on Horseback
1909 Harpers Weekly

Leigh Anne Cassell

This is the second show in which Leigh Anne has participated. The following is an excerpt from her original artist statement from the “Gadgets, Guns & Gears” opening in 2012.

“As an artist, one of my personal goals with my work is to strengthen my talent with drawing portraits, especially with the use of color, while also trying more stylized approaches. Since I started drawing portraits in high school I have come to greatly love the technicality of capturing the realism of people’s faces with a pencil. Recently I have expanded my medium to inks and colored pencils. It took me so long to try using color because I did not think that I had the skills to draw with it. One day I just decided to try it, and I ended up surprising myself. Even though I think I still need lots of practice with it, I am happy that I am working well enough with color at the moment. I have been asked in the past why I do not try more digital media to create drawings. I have never had interest in trying a tablet or any other form of digital process to draw. I am in no way against these technological advancements or works of art created by them; I just personally like to sit down with my drawing board, paper, pens, and pencils and just draw. I like the sound and feel of pencils as they move over paper. I can easily say that I do not fit in very well with the more “modern” art world, but I am perfectly fine with that.”

"The Little Jester" (c) 2013 Leigh Anne Cassell (with permission)

“The Little Jester”
(c) 2013 Leigh Anne Cassell (with permission)

Lindsey Donaldson

“I have always had an interest in art but have never had any formal training.  I gained what little prowess I have by constantly doodling, drawing, and sketching. Several broken pencils later, I emerged with a preference in traditional media, mostly graphite and ink, but have started to expand into digital media. I’d like to become more proficient in digital media because it eliminates the boundaries of traditional media.  Since I’ve never been able to spend a lot on art supplies, digital media gives me access to all sorts of things I wouldn’t be able to get normally. I have always preferred working in a more illustrative style because it offers a different sence of control and creativity that I appreciate more than realism.  People have always been my subject of choice ever since childhood.  Real or imagined, mostly imagined, the human form has always facinated me and taking the faces out of my mind and putting them onto paper is one of life’s little joys for me.”

"The Bearded Lady" (c) Lindsey Donaldson (with permission)

“The Bearded Lady”
(c) Lindsey Donaldson (with permission)

Eric Holstine

“I have worked in a variety of mediums.  Most of my work also incorporates my professional life, which is in Information Technology, as well as electrical features.”

Steampunk floor lamp (c) 2013 Eric Holstine (with permission)

Steampunk floor lamp
(c) 2013 Eric Holstine (with permission)

Phil Berneburg

“My interests lie in creating sculptural work (both functional and nonfunctional) and in contributing to education in the ceramic arts. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain experience in both the technical and creative aspects of ceramics. My approach to pottery is very experiment-oriented. I explore a lot of ideas and try a lot of techniques; I learn a lot, but I produce relatively little. Not every idea is turned into a finished piece.  The current work is part of my “Steam-Pfunktional” series of Steampunk-inspired  pseudo-functional ceramic pieces. Steampunk, the art of Victorian futurism or science fiction with the celebration of Victorian technology and aesthetics and the rejection of the evils resulting from the Industrial Revolution, has existed ever since the novels of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, but has only recently coalesced from a term referring only to a type of science fiction novel into a broader art movement.”

"High Pressure Brewing Vessel" (c) 2012 Phil Berneburg (with permission)

“High Pressure Brewing Vessel”
(c) 2012 Phil Berneburg (with permission)

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Big Top Steam Exhibit February 23 - April 28, 2013

Big Top Steam Exhibit
February 23 – April 28, 2013


Steam at Harper’s Ferry is pleased to announce that the following artists have been selected to participate in the Big Top Steam exhibit starting February 23, 2013.

The artists are:

Leigh Anne Cassell

Lindsey Donaldson

In addition, this exhibit will feature two special installations by Eric Holstine and Phil Berneburg.

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Hill Top House under the Moonlight

Hill Top House under the Moonlight

That’s right! The Hill Top House is allowing Art Walk participants to set up easels and tripods at the Overlook.

For those of you not familiar with the Historic Hill Top House, you can see it in the postcard image above to the left of the moon. For many years, Hill Top House held an arts and crafts show at Christmastime, so participation in this event continues a long tradition and connection between the arts and Hill Top House. As you can tell, I am super excited!

Mr. Kevin Leary, who will be on the premises, asks that people clean up after themselves and watch their personal possessions. There are some restricted areas for safety reasons, so please respect the signs.

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And Here I Am! Your Valentine! Illustration by Jordebot

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Steam at Harper’s Ferry has unique and limited edition art, jewelry, and other calorie-free gifts for you to consider.

Men’s and women’s jewelry from Josh Aterovis and Christopher Loggie. Three dimensional art by Phil Berneburg, Pith Helmet Provisions and Mark Schumaker. Illustrations and paintings by Kasey Hendricks and Jason Edwards. Woodblock and letterpress prints made on the premises.

Steam is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 until 5.

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Our 14th participant for this year’s Art Walk is Art Shack, Baby.

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Big Top Steam – Call to Artists – Deadline February 1Female Acrobats

Big Top Steam is coming to the Gallery!  We have posted a call to artists for this next exhibit. The deadline is February 1. The first day of the exhibit is February 23.  Please check the website for further information.

Big Top Steam – Exhibit February 23 through April 28

On February 8, the artists for this exhibit will be announced.

Shameless Steam – March

The next Shameless Steam arts-related business series will be held in March. If you are interested in promoting your arts-related business or your own work, please see the website under the post “Call for Presentations!” or follow the links under the “Events” tab.

Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Community Art Walk – April  27 and 28, 2013

So far, there are thirteen participating venues for this event! We are currently working with Hill Top House owner, SWaN Investors, which has tentatively agreed to make its overlook available for the Art Walk. So far, the participating venues are (from Bolivar to Lower Town): Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library, Teahorse B&B/Hostel, The Gilded Flea, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, (fingers crossed Hill Top House!), The Vintage Lady, The Village Shop, Steam at Harper’s Ferry, Tenfold Fair Trade, Mary Adams, Scoops, Westwind Potters, True Treats, and the Harpers Ferry National Park Bookshop. If you are interested to have work shown at your business or if you are an artist who wants to have work shown at a business establishment along the walking tour route, please contact Steam at Harper’s Ferry.

February 2013

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