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Steam was hoping to participate in the Small Press Expo this year, but was an  unsuccessful would-be registrant. The tables are sold out already! But, since the plan was to publish online first, and then put out a print version in time for the event, all is not lost! There will be four SciFi stories released through Steam at Harper’s Ferry Press this year. The first story, while not exactly Steampunk, well, not steampunk at all, is hopefully entertaining to you. It is Monday afterall.

Here is the abstract for The Acme Corporation, a political science fiction fantasy, by V. Edwards Clarke:

“By 2020, the Libertarian Party was renamed the Capitalist Party. The ACME
Corporation dominated the health care, communications and entertainment
industries. ACME’s revolutionary product VisuaClear was invented to manage
perceived mental health costs, and was supported directly by the Capitalist
Party. But when a powerhouse like ACME finances campaigns and sells products
that exploit thought, what remains of a citizen’s free will?”

Thanks to Bot Studios for putting the story in Kindle format and designing the cover.



Our next story, “Of Steam and Spring” illustrated by Kasey Hendricks (whose print “Sleep in Heavenly Timepiece” you may have seen in the gallery) will be out next month.


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