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Of Steam and Spring CoverOn Thursday, April 26, 2013, Steam announced the release of the next publication from our Steam at Harper’s Ferry Press imprint, “Of Steam and Spring” by V. Edwards Clarke with illustrations by Kasey Hendricks. Here is an excerpt from the story:

“A full moon rose between the mountains. Its light reflected from the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers at The Point. A crowd gathered on the Hill Top House veranda, bundled in furs, scarves, gloves and hats even though it was early Spring. … The chimes at St. Peter’s Church rang out at midnight, just as the moon completed a triangle above the uneven peaks. … The din started like a train whistle sounding through a tunnel. It grew louder and louder until its clamor blasted forth, powerful enough to awaken the ancient mountains. Lights flickered into being on the newly installed carousel which began to turn. A song began to play on the calliope. Its mournful noise was in sharp contrast to the joyful tunes with which people were familiar who visited the Park.”

There was a full moon on April 26 and for most of this weekend, I spent my time at the Hill Top House overlook handing out maps, flyers and coupons for the Second Annual Bolivar-Harper’s Ferry Community Art Walk and heard a train thunder through the tunnel more than a dozen times. But, there is no longer any carousel or calliope. Coincidence?

This story is about an enchantment of the Island Park’s carousel during the lifetime of Hill Top House’s original owner, Thomas Lovett. A Calliope Romance brought to you by Steam at Harper’s Ferry.

Limited physical copies are available for purchase at Steam at Harper’s Ferry. Please email Steam if you would like a copy mailed to you. An e-book version will be available soon.

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Here’s the list of all the artist names I’ve received from the venues – all 41 of them!

  1. Mary Almond, Photographer and Digital Artist
  2. Daniel Alquist
  3. Autumn Beckett
  4. Mary-Jo Bennett, Photographer
  5. Gary Bergel, Photographer
  6. Phil Berneberg, Ceramic artist
  7. Joe Bourgeios, Furniture maker
  8. Judy Bradshaw
  9. Andrea Burke, Watercolorist
  10. Theresa Burns
  11. Leigh Anne Cassell, Illustrator
  12. Scott Cawood, Metal Sculptor
  13. Bruce Chandler, Visual Artist
  14. Tabatha Chesley Photographer
  15. Michael Timothy Davis, Oil Painter
  16. Lindsey Donaldson, Illustrator
  17. Jason Edwards, Visual Artist
  18. Hannah Jean Ehlman, Metalsmith
  19. Jason Fleshman
  20. Vanessa Gerstenberger, Ceramics
  21. Crystal Grimsley, Jewelry maker
  22. Clara Hayward, Visual Artist
  23. Eric Holstine, Metalwork/stained glass artist
  24. Margret Keeler
  25. Susanne Koenig
  26. Jim Koenig
  27. Martha LeRoi, Pottery maker
  28. Michael McIntyre, Pottery maker
  29. Earl Mills, Photographer
  30. Amanda Mullins
  31. Carol Napper
  32. Judy Olsen, Visual Artist
  33. Susan Parker, Watercolorist
  34. Bryan Payne, photographer
  35. Autumn Philbin
  36. Valerie Rinker, Photographer
  37. Ron Roman, Photographer
  38. Shawn Sokoloski
  39. Nena Stowell
  40. Ondria Watson
  41. India Watson

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Venue:  Jefferson County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau


Mary-Jo Bennett, Photographer
Gary Bergel, Photographer
Joe Bourgeios, Furniture maker
Andrea Burke, Watercolorist
Bruce Chandler, Visual Artist
Martha LeRoi, Pottery maker
Judy Olsen, Visual Artist
Susan Parker, Watercolorist

Venue:  Steam at Harper’s Ferry


Phil Berneberg, Ceramic artist
Leigh Anne Cassell, Illustrator
Lindsey Donaldson, Illustrator
Jason Edwards, Visual Artist
Eric Holstine, Metalwork/stained glass artist


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Venue:  Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library

Artists: (several artists/various media)

Daniel Alquist
Autumn Beckett
Judy Bradshaw
Theresa Burns
Jason Fleshman
Margret Keeler
Amanda Mullins
Carol Napper
Autumn Philbin
Shawn Sokoloski
Nena Stowell
Ondria Watson
India Watson

Venue:  The Gilded Flea

Artists:  Scott Cawood, Metal Sculptor, and Michael Timothy Davis, Oil Painter

Scott Cawood, Antietam, MD


Scott Cawood lives and works at his residence in historic Antietam MD where he has been a professional artist since 1992. His work created of scrap steel is a reflection of how the world works, looks, and feels to him—of the everyday discourse he sees as visual celebrations and contradictions. His work has been exhibited nationally and has been commissioned by the City of Frederick, MD; the Baltimore Public Works Museum; Courtyard By Marriot; MTV’s Real World; and The Contemporary American Theater Festival.

Croc Heels - Scott Cawood (with permission)

Croc Heels – Scott Cawood (with permission)

Michael Timothy Davis, Shepherdstown, WV


Michael Davis graduated from Shepherd University with a BFA in painting. Here the modernist approach to teaching and stylistic differences at once provided challenges and motivation to explore the more classical aesthetics that he believed in. While attending Shepherd Michael studied independently with Ben Summerford the former Art Chair at American University. Ben’s guidance and enthusiasm proved to be a lasting inspiration. After graduation, Michael continued his studies at The Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, MD. At Schuler’s he finally felt at home with his desires and ambitions to continue with the traditions of classical realism. Out of school he now has a studio in his house where he paints and draws daily. Students can be found here as well studying and learning the same fundamentals and traditions that enlightened Michael’s life and art.

Singer - Michael Timothy Davis (with permission)

Singer – Michael Timothy Davis (with permission)

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Venue:  The Village Shop

Artist:  Earl Mills, Photographer

Artist Statement:

“Photography has been an interest, hobby, and now a profession over the last 35 years. During that time, I attended a number of college and technical courses and have used many types of photographice quipment. Until a few of years ago, my profession utilized computer graphics in software design and photography was just a natural projection of that experience for me.  One notable employer was National Geographic where I studied the techniques and styles of various photographers.  Their historic photographic archives are an inspiration for what I photograph today.

I have created and perfected my own unique blend of photography and art.  Using this technique I capture and then interpret timeless images of our American heritage.  My work reflects the struggles and triumphs that America has weathered, from the commonplace to the legendary.  I reside in a renowned region for Civil War history, and have photographed many of these legendary sites.  This “Hallowed Ground” includes numerous battlefields, historic buildings, monuments, famous churches as well as presidential homes to rustic log cabins.  Rivers, mountains, and meandering byways provide a peaceful backdrop for these historical treasures as well.

Currently all photographs are taken using professional Canon cameras and lenses. The photographs are then transformed using a digital darkroom technique until they take on the desired artistic appearance. There are no preset conditions; every photograph takes on its own unique style.  I strive to make the end result one that is an interpretation of the history that I see.”


Earl Mills (with permission)

Earl Mills (with permission)


Venue:  Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Artist:  Ron Roman, Photographer


Ron Roman is a 1987 A.T. thru-hiker. His photos focus on the light, vapor, color, and movement of the A.T. His work has been published in numerous publications such as National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Backpacker, Delta Sky, and the Discovery Channel Guidebook Series. In 2010, Roman captured the iconic photo, “Appalachian Trail Mist”, on the A.T.’s Tennessee and North Carolina border, which was later featured on the cover of the 2012 book, The Appalachian Trail: Celebrating America’s Hiking Trail. Visitors will have opportunity to meet this artist, view his work, and purchase this renowned photo, with ten percent of the gross sales donated back to the ATC.

Ron Roman photo

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Venue:  National Park Bookshop

Artist:  Mary Almond, Photographer and Digital Artist


The National Park Bookshop’s artist will be Mary Almond from Barboursville, WV. She is a photographer and digital artist inspired by the magnificent scenery of West Virginia. She is a “Best of West Virginia” juried member of Tamarack. Mary photographs in West Virginia and nearby states as well as in National Parks and Seashores. For the Spring Art Walk she will be exhibiting photos of Harpers Ferry and our “other” WV national park, New River Gorge. Her work can be found on her website http://www.themerrycat.com.

Backyards by Mary Almond (with permission)

Backyards by Mary Almond (with permission)

Venue:  Harpers Ferry Wine & Gourmet

Artist:  Autumn Yves Beckett

Artist Statement:  “Fun! Fun! Fun!”

Marmalade in the Forest by Autumn Yves Beckett (with permission)

Marmalade in the Forest by Autumn Yves Beckett (with permission)





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Venue:  Tenfold Fair Trade Collection

Artists:  Vanessa Gerstenberger and Hannah Jean Ehlman (Sunday only) of Hannah Jean Metalworks

Vanessa’s Artist Statement:

“My ceramic work is created with great inspiration from nature. As I gently move the clay through my fingers I guide it into its form, creating a piece that is transformed from mud in to something beautiful and elegant. The wheel is my tool in creating forms that then become a canvas to paint my glazes. As I dip my pieces in to the glaze I consider the emotion that the color will bring to the form. I often let the soda or wood ash from the firing become the glaze as it gives the clay the sense of returning to nature in an elegant manner. In my ceramics I want to show the beauty of the clay in its plain form in conjunction with the sophistication that the glaze presents.”

Hannah’s Artist Statement:

“I strive to use metal as a tool to better understand the human condition, both psychologically and physically. Metal is malleable; it moves, folds, bends, and even cracks in a way that mimics the way we humans change our psyche over time, as well as our physical bodies. Emotional, psychological energy resounds inside us constantly, inspiring me to combine interpreted imagery of mind and body into my designs.”

Venue:  Beyond the Lens Photography

Artists:  Valerie Rinker and Tabatha Chesley Photographers


Location and Studio photography including; landscapes, nature, weddings and family photography.

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Being so close to Washington, DC, Steam at Harper’s Ferry is all about power – water and electric power, that is. Phil Berneburg and Eric Holstine’s work at the Gallery span technology in Harper’s Ferry from water power to electricity.

“The Potomac Power Plant was an innovative small hydroelectric facility that operated from 1899 to 1991, originally as part of a wood pulp mill (built 1888), and solely as a power house after a fire in 1925.  Significant extant equipment/machinery in the plant includes a c.1905 Dayton Globe water turbine, and a 1925 Woodward water turbine governor.  The building is also symbolic of industry in Harpers Ferry, as it occupies the site (and possibly the partial foundations) of Harpers Ferry National Armory buildings dating to 1834 and 1853, and contains reused structural materials from various Armory buildings as well as from an 1848 Harpers Ferry cotton mill (later a flour mill).”

Reprinted from Library of Congress records.

In this photograph, you can see a 1925 GE Generator in the foreground and a 1910 generator cover in the background.

Potomac Power Plant 1925 GE Generator (front) 1910 generator (back)

Potomac Power Plant 1925 GE Generator (front) 1910 generator (back)

Where was Tesla? Did he have a hand in the design of this hydroelectric power plant?


Potomac Power Plant HF

You can see many similar design elements in Phil Berneburg’s work here at Steam at Harper’s Ferry. For example, in his vertical boiler with wood logging, there are valves, rivets and pipes.

IMG_1970 (2)

Phil Berneburg’s Vertical Boiler with Wood Logging

Potomac Power Plant turbine flumes

Potomac Power Plant Third Tailrace

Eric Holstine’s lamps incorporate piping and electrical elements for a unique design.

Holstine - Steampunk Floor Lamp

Eric Holstine’s Steampunk Floor Lamp

Phil Berneburg and Eric Holstine’s work will be on display through April 28. The Big Top Steam Exhibit also closes that day. Come to the Bolivar-Harper’s Ferry Community Art Walk and meet these artists!

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Venue: Vintage Lady

Artist: Crystal Grimsley

Artist Bio:  “Crystal Grimsley, originally, from Clearwater, Florida but now a resident of Shepherdstown, comes from a talented family. While some were musicians, others were artists but Crystal didn’t discovered her talent until three years – about a  year after she started working at The Vintage Lady. Shortly afterward, she began to experiment with making jewelry, especially with crystals. These days, she had expanded into making earrings, birthstone necklaces, and stones of insight. In addition she is now wire-wrapping.” 

Venue:  Coach House Grill

Artist:  Bryan Payne, photographer

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Venue:  Harpers Ferry Woman’s Club

Artists:  Susanne and Jim Koenig

Artist Statements:

Susanne Koenig and husband, Jim Koenig, will feature their work at the Harpers Ferry Woman’s Club. Susanne may be best known locally for her richly rendered ink drawings. As former artist for the Shenandoah-Potomac House and Garden Tour, her drawings grace fifty of the most historic and notable homes in Jefferson and BerkeleyCounty. By special order, she can capture your home in ink or create a treasured family heirloom of your pet in a painted portrait. Visit her website www.fineartportraitbysusanne.com

Jim Koenig is an accomplished literary and visual artist, and a professional handyman.  He and his wife, Susanne, have lived in Harpers Ferry since 1985.  Primarily he exploits locally found material, especially cedar root, to fashion elegant or fanciful sculpture.

[For images, please see here.]

Venue:  Westwind Potters

Artist:    Michael McIntyre of FireRobin Farm Pottery

Arstist Statement: 

“My life in ceramics is motivated by a true love of craftsmanship. A well-conceived, well-made piece can be enjoyed for generations.” Michael is a full-time potter and focuses on creating artful, functional pieces for everyday use. He lives and works in his studio, FireRobin Pottery.


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