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Venue:  Tenfold Fair Trade Collection

Artists:  Vanessa Gerstenberger and Hannah Jean Ehlman (Sunday only) of Hannah Jean Metalworks

Vanessa’s Artist Statement:

“My ceramic work is created with great inspiration from nature. As I gently move the clay through my fingers I guide it into its form, creating a piece that is transformed from mud in to something beautiful and elegant. The wheel is my tool in creating forms that then become a canvas to paint my glazes. As I dip my pieces in to the glaze I consider the emotion that the color will bring to the form. I often let the soda or wood ash from the firing become the glaze as it gives the clay the sense of returning to nature in an elegant manner. In my ceramics I want to show the beauty of the clay in its plain form in conjunction with the sophistication that the glaze presents.”

Hannah’s Artist Statement:

“I strive to use metal as a tool to better understand the human condition, both psychologically and physically. Metal is malleable; it moves, folds, bends, and even cracks in a way that mimics the way we humans change our psyche over time, as well as our physical bodies. Emotional, psychological energy resounds inside us constantly, inspiring me to combine interpreted imagery of mind and body into my designs.”

Venue:  Beyond the Lens Photography

Artists:  Valerie Rinker and Tabatha Chesley Photographers


Location and Studio photography including; landscapes, nature, weddings and family photography.

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