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Steam at Harper’s Ferry is pleased to announce two featured artists for the “Around the World” exhibit,

John Hoffmaster with his Indian ink illustrated work “Still Waters Run Deep”

John Hoffmaster illustration - Still Waters - cropped (c) 2013 John Hoffmaster

John Hoffmaster illustration – Still Waters (cropped for post) (c) 2013 John Hoffmaster

and Leigh Anne Cassell with pen and ink illustration “Legs that Can Can.”

"Legs that Can Can" by Leigh Anne Cassell. (c) 2013 Leigh Anne Cassell

“Legs that Can Can” by Leigh Anne Cassell. (cropped for post) (c) 2013 Leigh Anne Cassell

Chris Loggie is a guest artist for this exhibit, along with Steam’s Resident Artist, Jason Edwards, who prepared the promotional illustration for this exhibit.

"Around the World" illustration and painting by Jason Edwards after "Ascension du 26 septembre 1876, 700 mètres" by Albert Tissandier

“Around the World” illustration and painting by Jason Edwards after “Ascension du 26 septembre 1876, 700 mètres” by Albert Tissandier

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Here are a few comments received about the “Aware Amusings” exhibit, closing tomorrow, June 23:



“Love L7 <3”


Hope to see you, too!



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View from Hill Top House April 2013

View from Hill Top House April 2013

On the Occasion of West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial

West Virginia is nothing if not a dual-natured state. On one hand, it was during the “War between the States” that a dedicated, wily few decided to finally wrest unsuspecting Eastern Panhandle slavery-leaning counties from the Old Dominion by hook or by crook to secure the railroads heading west and form a new free-leaning state. On the other, it is the state where, in 1898, an African American attorney, J.R. Clifford, successfully argued before the West Virginia Supreme Court on behalf of an African American teacher,  Carrie Williams, that racial discrimination was illegal – the first such ruling in United States’ history.

There are bucolic pastures and leisurely flowing rivers along with sharply descending and precipitous cliffs. Even its name, “West Virginia” is somewhat duplicitous. The word “west” suggests a forward thinking state, yet its name retains the colonial heritage of Virginia.

The state’s motto “Montani semper liberi” or “Mountaineers Are Always Free” could also indicate duel meaning. Upon the state’s formation, were mountaineers free from something or free to do something?  I prefer the latter. You may fight to become free from something, yet find yourself in a predicament you didn’t anticipate. Aspiring to be free to do something opens up possibilities. That aspiration, the dream to do something other than what had come before, to break with comfortable traditions and a way of life, the jump into the future in the midst of a civil war, speaks volumes about the state.

From my front porch I can hear those lonesome trains, and reflect upon what they represent. A state cut within and from the mountains, forging a future for itself that is still being realized. Many made sacrifices for the state – the price for which is lost in the mists of time. One only needs to take a deep breath in the mountain air, in that mist, to be fortified by the little known, and the renowned, who leapt feet first onto a path of their own choosing in hopes of building a new life for themselves as well as everyone else who has come to call West Virginia home.

Steam at Harper’s Ferry is selling paper and fabric commemorative flags. See this and other celebratory memories here.

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Final Day!

Steam at Harper's Ferry

The “Around the World” submission deadline is tomorrow!

For inspiration, French musicians conveniently named Daft Punk and their song “Around the World.”


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The “Around the World” submission deadline is tomorrow!

For inspiration, French musicians conveniently named Daft Punk and their song “Around the World.”


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Deadline is approaching!

Phileas Fogg’s Itinerary:

London to Suez (السويس as-Suways) via Mont Cenis & Brindisi by rail and steamboats – 7 days

Suez to Bombay (now called Mumbai) by steamer – 13 days

Bombay to Calcutta (or Kolkata) by rail – 3 days

Calcutta to Hong Kong (香港)by steamer – 13 days

Hong Kong to Yokohama (横浜市 Yokohama-shi) by steamer – 6 days

Yokohama to San Francisco by steamer – 22 days

San Francisco to New York by rail – 7 days

New York to London by steamer and rail – 9 days.

William Hall's Tellurian Clock with globe

William Hall’s Tellurian Clock with globe

Where would you like to go?

Map from 1872 version of "Around the World in 80 Days."

Map from 1872 version of “Around the World in 80 Days.”

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Two more weekends to check out this Exhibit!

Steam at Harper's Ferry

Steam at Harper’s Ferry Resident Artist, T. Jason Edwards, will be showing pieces from his “Aware Amusings” collection until June 23. If you have been to the gallery, you may have seen samples from this collection, but this will be the first time that five pieces from it will be shown together.

Some pieces are steampunk parody while others are a modern twist to famous paintings. What do you see?


For over ten years, Jason has been a professional scenic artist, graphic artist and visual artist.  While working in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, he has been associated with some of the most well-known organizations in the performing arts industry, including The Shakespeare Theater, Washington National Opera, and the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. He is a graduate of University North Carolina School of the Arts, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Jason also  participated in scenic artist apprenticeship programs at the Skylight Opera Theater…

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