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Steam at Harper’s Ferry is pleased to announce a solo exhibition featuring the works of Eric Holstine. Eric’s theme for this exhibit is “(EH=MC2): The Art of Electrodynamic Illumination” and will be on display from April 26 through May 25, 2014.

Eric Holstine

Eric Holstine

Eric Holstine was born and raised in Charleston, WV. He discovered at an early age that he enjoyed taking things apart and seeing how they worked. As he said in a recent interview, “Sometimes I used the parts for something else, and sometimes I just tried to make it do something different than it was intended.” His talent was acknowledged early – in the second grade. Other than basic art classes provided in junior high and high school, he hasn’t had any formal art education.

His family provides ideas and inspiration for his work. His mother is a retired school teacher, and as he said, “quite crafty.” Eric credits his mother with giving him a lot of encouragement. He spent time with his grandfather who also worked on various objects and who taught him how to fix things. With his wife’s grandmother, Eric made huge toy soldiers. He continues, “I built them and she made the clothes.” The goal was to have the soldiers march in place, but Eric didn’t have all the parts to complete the project.

Can you guess what this is? Courtesy Eric Holstine with permission.

 Courtesy Eric Holstine with permission.

When Eric spoke about his artistic influence, he said that he always liked Steampunk style. He found inspiration in movies, books and video games. He said, “Some of my favorites were ‘Myst’ the video game, followed by the books. I also enjoy the ‘Doctor Who’ series, the ‘Time Machine,’ ‘Wild, Wild West,’ and ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.’”

He works professionally in the IT field and found that he can use his computer training to enhance his art and make it unique. Prior to his IT employment, he did electrical work which he said has “merged and evolved into my style of art.”

In many ways, he is a classic tinkerer. He will look at an object and think about how it can serve the same function, but be displayed in a new way. He said, “I tend to look around for items that I can either re-purpose or breakdown and create something completely different.   If I can’t find what I need, I figure out a way to make it. Sometimes it takes trial and error and most often, time. I have works waiting, unfinished until I find that missing object that just seems to complete piece.”

Eric doesn’t think that he fits into a specific artistic mold or genre. He likes to try out different things, including stained glass, painting, woodwork, metal, and polymer clay. When considering which medium he prefers, he responded, “I prefer trying to see how I can merge them together to present a more unique piece.”

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Leigh Anne Cassell’s Solo Exhibit – Through March 30, 2014

The Gallery’s theme for this exhibit is “Rêves et Rêveurs – Dreams and Dreamers” drawing inspiration from the book “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern.

Leigh Anne with Lizzie Lyra Performers (courtesy Leigh Anne w/ permission)

Leigh Anne with Lizzie Lyra Performers (courtesy Leigh Anne w/ permission)

Leigh Anne’s work covers a broad range of visual interest, from whimsical to contemplative. Her strongest and most commented upon works so far are the portraits, of which the Steampunk Dr. Who and her self-portrait are two examples. Leigh Anne will show her recent as well as earlier work, some of which will be on loan to the gallery for this solo show.

It was great to see so many people coming into the gallery in the theme colors  of black, white and red! Here is a photo of our first visitors of the day on Saturday, February 22!

Our very own Reveurs! Thank you for dropping by!

Our very own Reveurs! Thank you for dropping by!


What’s New at Steam

Please put April 26 on your calendar for Eric Holstine’s solo exhibit  opening! Here is a sneak peek of a new piece!

Can you guess what this is? Courtesy Eric Holstine with permission.

Can you guess what this is? Courtesy Eric Holstine with permission.


We also have a new supply of Steam at Harper’s Ferry exclusive goggles and tiny top hats!

3rd Annual Bolivar-Harper’s Ferry Community Art Walk – April 26 and 27, 2014

The 3rd Annual Bolivar-Harper’s Ferry Community Art Walk is scheduled for April 26 and 27, 2014. Please keep up with developments on the facebook page. Steam is pleased to announce that the Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library and stair-mate Waffle Buzz will provide some welcomed assistance with this year’s event.

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There is a tunnel beneath a road near Harpers Ferry National Historical Park which runs from a heavily wooded residential property to a small pond. The tunnel drains standing water from the residential property to the pond and also serves several mammals as a path from the residence to the pond. Fox and groundhogs both use the tunnel at different times  of the year. Now is groundhog time. Spring was for foxes. According to a previous property owner, the groundhog and its family has been there for several generations. You might laugh, but there are certain woodland creatures which have not been found dead along that road or in the surrounding woods – and that includes groundhogs and foxes. Dead deer are in abundance, as are raccoons, and turtles.

What can explain the supernatural lifespan for foxes and groundhogs? Do they turn into zombies? Zombie groundhogs have not been found on the property.

Zombie GroundHog

So some humans have decided to block the holes dug by the supernatural creatures. They apparently are unaware of the powers with which these mammals are possessed. They don’t know with what creatures they mess.  A little gravel? Ha! They were displeased with one measly hole, wait till they find five hundred this year next!

You won’t find many woodland creatures in or around Steam at Harper’s Ferry, but you will find steampunk time machines, Steampunk Dr. Who and Lord Cthulhu …

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by Teresa Barth

Emerald Green, by Kerstin Gier, published by Henry Holt & Co (English), 2013

Categories:  Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Time Travel

I just finished Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier, the third of the Ruby Red Trilogy.  The story is about a young lady by the name of Gwyneth who is one of twelve people who can time travel but she has a couple of extra gifts that nobody knows about.  One is she can see ghost and the best one is  Xemerius who is a gargoyle.   He loves eating other ghosts and spitting water. He adds a little comic relief. Her friend, Lesley, is a smart and loves solving puzzles and help Gwyneth figure out boys and who is out to get her.   Gideon is a time traveler too, and is the on again off again love of Gwyneth.  This story has more time traveling and more costumes.  I love reading about some of the costumes.  How they were made and the colors.  It helps me be in that time and place because of the images it put in my mind. I like second and third book of the series the best.  The ending was ok, I guess. We get the happy ever after but I would have liked to know a little more about Gwyneth and her family and friends and of course Xemerius.  Did she get Xemerius a cat? Will I ever know?

(This is the second of a review series of those books either available for sale at Steam at Harper’s Ferry, or steampunk or Victorian Themed books, in general. Want to submit a review? Send an email to info@steamatharpersferry.com with the book title and proposed review (not to exceed 250 words) for consideration.)


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