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Copper Enamel Switchplates

What makes these switchplates unique? Enamel fused copper.

“I use enamel powder-fused copper switchplates to create custom housewares. My enameling process renders a glassy, smooth and variably translucent or opaque appearance to each piece. Some designs focus on the positive and negative effects created from a penciling technique, emphasizing a clock or gear motif. Others have real watch gears, screws, or trinkets applied to Victorian color palettes and lace patterns. These abstract Steampunk designs will enhance a room or stand out as a focal point on a simple wall color.”

A limited switchplate series is available at Steam at Harper’s Ferry, 180 High Street, 1-B, Harper’s Ferry, WV 25425.

Taryn Staples
TJC3 Collection

Taryn Staples earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2001. She studied fused glass and copper enamel at the Guy Mason Art Studio in Georgetown while working in DC as an Equity Stage Manager at several local theaters. She applied these new skills to create art glass, a jewelry line, and a custom housewares collection.

Custom orders and plates for toggle style switches may be ordered directly from the artist.

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