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In light of all the impeachment discussions, including the impeachment of Secretary of the Army William W. Belknap, below is an excerpt from documentary “Hidden in Plain Sight-Revealing the Concealed Harper’s Ferry Cemeteries.” Secretary Belknap was impeached 1876 with regard to federal government contracts. In 1869, Secretary Belknap approved the sale and transfer of former Federal Government land, including land for Pine Grove Cemetery and land purchased by the M.E. Church which was later designated as the Cedar Hill Cemetery. Purchasers were offered extremely loose and speculator-friendly terms, the enforcement laxity after the 1870 flood during which more than 30 members of the African American Myers-Bateman family perished, left several legitimate and speculative investors in financial straights. Repayment terms were not met for several months. It took 18 years for Harpers Ferry and the Federal Government to financially recover from 1869 land speculator sales.

Script excerpt from documentary “Hidden In Plain Sight – Revealing the Concealed Harper’s Ferry Cemeteries”

Impeached Secretary of War
William W. Belknap

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