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In light of the current filming project in Harper’s Ferry, it was great to see a report showing how this activity plays into a larger role of U.S. economy.

The International Intellectual Property Alliance® (IIPA®) released some news yesterday about 2010 economic contributions made by the U.S. copyright industries, which include contributions by 12 industries creating, producing, and distributing theatrical films, TV programming, home video, DVDs, business software, entertainment software, books and journals, music and sound recordings.

According to the report released on November 2, 2011, these industries


  • Added over $930 billion in value to the U.S. economy, almost 6.4% of the total GDP;
  • Employed nearly 5.1 million U.S. workers – nearly 5% of the total private employment sector – with jobs paying an average of 27% more than the rest of the workforce; and
  • Accounted for $134 billion in foreign sales and exports, far more than sectors such as aircraft, autos, and agriculture.



For the full report, click here.


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Monday, October 24, 2011 5pm-8pm (by appointment) Quality Inn Conference Center in Harpers Ferry, WV 4328 William L. Wilson Freeway Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Seeking men, women, and child actors and re-enactors for minor roles, extras and stunt actors, for the highly anticipated historical TV mini-series about the lives and times of the men who helped build America between 1865-1917.

Casting call, by appointment only, will be held on MONDAY, OCT. 24 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the Quality Inn Conference Center in Harpers Ferry, WV.
Acting experience is helpful but not required. You must send recent photo and other info. identified below in advance to PERIODEXTRAS@GMAIL.COM to obtain an appointment time.

Appointments are required, no walk-ins will be permitted.

Filming will occur in both the eastern and northern regions of West Virginia between Oct. 31 and Dec. 22 and will occur mostly on weekdays and possibly some weekends. Most roles will involve filming between 1 – 4 days (some consecutive) at some point during that time frame. Roles are booked on an as-needed basis, usually only a few days in advance or the night before, sometimes last minute. In your email, please be specific about your availability during this time frame. Before being hired, you must prove you are legally able to work in the United States. Typical work days are 12 hours and sometimes more.

PERIOD ROLES NEEDED: If you fit any of the descriptions below, please respond ASAP and identify the roles for which you wish to be considered. Especially looking for interesting faces.

John Wilkes Booth
Civilians (many varied roles)
Business executives
Law enforcement (sheriffs, NY/NJ Police, Marshall, Laborers (industrial workers, dock workers)
Soldiers (Admiral, Confederate, Union, Stragglers)
Musicians (fiddle, harmonica, percussion etc.)
Ladies of the night Burlesque performers (Victorian era)
Thugs (think Gangs of NY)
Photographers/ Journalists Stunts (horse/falls/fights)
Butlers/Maids Newspaper Boy/Messengers And More!

In your email, please also list any period wardrobe and props (craft tools, weapons, equipment) you have for the time period of 1865-1917. For stunt roles please note your experience with horse riding, falls and fights.

RECAP: To be considered for the Oct. 24 casting call: Send an email to PERIODEXTRAS@GMAIL.COM with RECENT PHOTO/S – Can be cell phone/snapshot (hair etc. must be as is currently) and Headshot or Photo in period civilian or military attire (may send multiple photos but only one per outfit). Send a resume (with your headshot) or write your acting, reenacting etc. experience in the body of the email. Include your first and last name and role/s in the SUBJECT LINE of the email. Include your availability and flexibility with last minute notice/ date changes, to work approximately 12 hour days (must be there the entire time) (*minors subject to child labor laws) for an average of 1-5 days or more during the time period of October 31 and December 23.

Do not come to casting call without getting an appointment time. Do not call the hotel directly. Questions will be addressed via email. If you are unavailable for the casting call on Monday, make sure you include all of the above in your email and you still will be considered and possibly invited to another casting call (you can send a links to any video you might have).

Boys and Men who are interested should refrain from shaving or cutting hair to be period appropriate (beards, mustaches). Women, men and children, also note if you are willing to have your hair cut or colored. Feel free to forward/post this email to other individuals/groups etc. you think are appropriate. Don’t miss out on this Historic Opportunity!










ACTING EXPERIENCE (note speaking vs. non-speaking roles):

Sonya “Sonny” Tormoen
Extras Casting Director 651-206-0101
Extras Casting Inquiries PeriodExtras@gmail.com

“The Builders”

A historical mini-series from Stephen David Entertainment depicting the lives and times of the men who built America.

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Just learned that there will be a film crew in Harper’s Ferry on November 2, 3, 7 and possibly the 22nd. The Production Office telephone number is 304-535-1105. I also understand that there is a casting call scheduled for October 25. I don’t have any additional details – but if interested, you may want to contact the production office.

The Location Scout is Sam Holdren, and the historical miniseries’ name is “The Men Who Built America”. Apparently, they have also arrange filming in neighboring Shepherdstown.

Will keep you posted!


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