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This weekend is the Mountain Heritage Festival – June edition. I went today to get my twice a year kettle corn and check out the new vendors. I was pleasantly surprised with the new additions and would recommend checking it out. What are your thoughts on the new logo for the Festival? I was looking for the Mountain Man dollar off advertisements in the local newspapers – and he wasn’t there! Mountain Man can be seen wielding his hammer in the parking lot, thank goodness.

Earlier this evening (June 8), I attended a book signing with local historian and author Bob O’Connor at the Bolivar-Harper’s Ferry Public Library. I visited Winchester, Virginia for the first time on Wednesday, which was fortunate for me so that I could better understand some of the episodes Mr. O’Connor discussed during his presentation about his newest book, “A House Divided Against Itself”.

Steam at Harper’s Ferry will be having a new exhibit opening at the end of June – Gadgets, Guns & Gears. Looking forward to this one! Some really nice work has come our way.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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I’m a big technology supporter – but when it fails … Can’t tell you the frustration when not only wireless, but landline services are unavailable. Especially two days before a reception and a week before opening. I’m thinking I’ll laugh about it one day. But today, not so much.  

Lots going on in the Eastern Panhandle this weekend – but the big event is the Mountain Heritage Festival. Decidedly low tech, which is what I’m aiming for right now. Kettlecorn, bluegrass, buckwheat and wrought iron. Yep.

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